Class on Gender in the Media

This class was a special one. My group presented over race and gender in the media. Being a journalism major who does not wish to get political has been trying in class. However this assignment made a connection with what I wanted to do with my future.

I wish to work in magazines. Whether that be beauty, fashion or entertainment. I find that this sort of work is inspiring and fun. So when I attend classes that focus on more serious aspects of journalism it can be hard to relate. This assignment however made me look at the serious implications that magazines can have on the public.

Magazines can have a negative affect especially among women. They typically promote unhealthy and unrealistic beauty standards. This is seen especially among celebrities and their enhancement. Many magazines edit models without their consent and this has led to many claims and problems within the community.

I know personally I have been affected by this. I saw ads in magazines at a young age and was under the impression that was the standard of beauty. I began to seek out ways to achieve this standard. By thirteen years old I was dieting and starving myself in order to appear "thinner." I would obsess of tracking my calories every day. I needed to know that I was doing everything I could to achieve the model look. I never realized that this was a side effect of the media in my life.

When I go into magazines in the future I want to change some of these things. I do not want to enhance or change a model's body. I want to also hire models that look like regular people in order to support healthy and normal beauty standards. In addition I hope to change the definition of "model" by including petite and plus sized models in my magazine. I feel that this is incredibly important for young women in the future.

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