Gender in Sports

Talking about gender representation in sports brought an interesting discussion for our class. It was the same day I presented with my group. In order to give a visualization i included the video "Like a Girl" by Always. (I will attach at the bottom) This video showed what it was like to be represented as a girl in athletics. The result was astounding.

So often the media paints a picture of life that is inaccurate. An example of this is women being slow runners or bad fighters. The video showed what people thought it meant when statements were said like, "now run like a girl," or "fight like a girl." They all reacted in a negative way by showing weakness in their actions. This is because they all grew up in a society that says that women are weaker than men. This paints an ugly picture for young women going through puberity.

The only models that responded in a normal way were the young girls that had not yet seen or been affected by the media. The rest of the models responded just in the way society would want them. After the videographers explained their project the models were asked if they would like to try their actions again. They all changed their actions to show strength and power.

This provoked a conversation among the class for women in sports. Typically the only sports that are talked and raged about are men's sports. The only sports that are televised on popular channels are men's sports. This is because there is a misconception in society that women cannot preform as well in athletics. It was nice to hear in the class that there are many people that love to focus on both sides of sports.

There were also many students that explained the importance in saying who their favorite player was regardless of gender. Many people categorize their favorite players by gender. But the class encouraged discussion that would begin to change the way women are talked about in sports.

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