Killing Us Softly 4

Killing Us Softly 4 was an enlightening documentary on the implications of media in the lives of young women. Jean Kilbourne is the speaker and woman behind the movement. She began to collects clippings of ads in the 60's after having experiences as a model. It was rare to see an ad or model that had not been touched up by photoshop. Creating this unrealistic image of women in the media. Eventually she looked at all the clippings she had collected and had begun to see these patterns. She began to see what it meant to be an American woman according to society.

She saw that according to society it was a woman's only job to look good. Not only that, but that it was the most important character trait of a woman. While you would think it had gotten better in recent years, Kilbourne assures us in the documentary that it has not. The ads have only gotten more generic.

The most important part of the documentary was when Kilbourne said, "Ads sell more than products. They sell values, images, concepts of love, sexuality, success and normalcy." This quote really stuck out to me. Many times people, including myself, have felt that we are exempt from what we see in the media. But this is just not true. Even without knowing we analyze ads and articles on a much deeper level.

They become normal and the only things we know about life in society. They sell so much more than just a product. They sell the idea of how life is outside of the ad.
This documentary furthered the fact that media literacy is increasingly important. One must understand how the media works and who is writing it. Everyone has some sort of bias and that must be sought out as active engagers of media.

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