Media Literacy and Framing

As I was studying for the content that will appear on the first exam in my media class. I realized the great importance of some of the things I was reviewing. The first of these being the importance of recognizing Media Literacy.

As I have learned in class, it is very important to understand how the media works. Especially if you are not a journalist. That way you can truly limit bad content and analyze the good content. Everyone says that they are not affected by the media. But that obviously is not true with the amounts of active stereotypes that exist about everyday people. Not only this but the amount of stereotypes that are used in TV and the media. These stereotypes are harmful, out of date, and must be taken down.

Media literacy provides a framework in which people can analyze, evaluate and send messages. It also builds an understanding of the media's important role in society. Which is to keep everyone accountable and aware. It also allows people to discern when the media is maybe not being so honest. They will then be able to limit how much of that content they have access to.

Secondly, I realized the importance of framing a story correctly. It is necessary to frame a story in order to create an engaging article that catches people's attention. I also realized how to not frame a story. Examples of this in the news is "missing white woman syndrome" and "welfare queen." But of which are not only offensive but dangerous ways of viewing those particular stories.

It is both the job of the people running the media to create stories that are engaging and informative. Though it is up to both to be media literate in order to comprehend the information being presented.

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