Symbolic Annihilation

Symbolic Annihilation is a term that was first introduced to be in my race/gender class. It basically refers to when the media will leave out certain groups of people and often stereotype them when included. This is seen in a lot of different minority groups throughout the US alone. It is deeply offensive and can often create feeling of unease towards a group/groups of people. One of the most common is Native Americans.

They are rarely quoted or talked about in the media. We do not know a lot about them because they are not put in the news often. When it is it is often referring to scholarship or reservations. There is rarely anything else seen.  When they are they are typically characterized. Perhaps with a big nose or headdress. This can create stereotypes that spread. These stereotypes are negative and frankly inaccurate due to to the fact they were observed on such a small scale. Sometimes these stereotypes are taking a step forward by dressing up as a specific race such as Native American or "Indian." This kind of costume should not be taken lightly as it is a blatant offense to another race of people. It is nothing short of glorifying in the stereotype.

Observation is an extremely important journalistic tool. When it is not used correctly it can create stereotypes. This happens with more groups of people on mass scale across the world. It can be taken with extreme offense and should be.

I say all this because I think it is extremely important to include every kind of race and people in order to get the best picture. I also think that everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard and presented in a kind light. If you focus too much on one or two groups of people you are letting the big picture slip away. Everyone has a unique perspective to include and deserve the time to be heard.

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