Clothing and Modeling

When I first began modeling I remember throwing all my clothes in a pile. I went through them very carefully and would set aside ones that I deemed good enough to be in photoshoots. What I ended up with was a huge pile of basic clothing. Meaning I had an access of black/neutral tank tops, black/blue jeans, and white shirts. This was a good start. You can layer and use a lot of looks with the same basic pairings.

After doing this I knew I would need access to a lot clothes for my modeling career. The problem? Why money of course. As a college student my money goes to a lot of different places. Mainly right into my mouth. But I have to sustain life somehow. I needed to find a way to come up with clothing on the low. I did this in three different ways.

First, my favorite store became anything with the word "thrift" in it. The art of thrifting is a time consuming one. In order to find all the cool and trendy things you may have to spend some hours on the racks. This used to be very frustrating for me because I did not have the patience to sift through boring clothes for hours on end. But once you become acquainted with certain stores it becomes easier to navigate which racks you should stick by.

Secondly, I searched higher end thrift stores. These are stores like "Plato's Closet" or "DD's Discounts." They only buy or have clothing that is new and name brand. This eliminates sorting through gross and ripped items that can be found at regular thrift stores. The clothes are still cheap and sometimes even resemble thrift store prices. These are my favorite stores because all the clothes are in good condition and are usually a bit trendier.

Last, finding stylists is a good way to save some space in your wardrobe! There are people out there who's literal job is to work with clothing brands and get clothes to advertise. These people can be found in model and photography groups. As well as some MUA groups. Stylists will bring the clothes to you. That way you can create a unique or expensive look without breaking the bank. It also helps obtain exposure for the stylist and the brand.

Using these three ways I now spend less than $50 a month on new modeling clothes.

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