Hate Speech in Video Games

The group this week presented over video games and the increasing violence behind certain styles of gaming. Specifically how one on one gaming promotes certain violent behaviors. While fighting in teams may promote team work and working together.

But mainly we discussed hate speech within gaming. I am not a gamer. I know of all the basic and popular games but have never sat down long enough to understand or gain any skill. Yet, I know that video games have incredible hate speech. I witnessed this when I used to watch Pewdiepie and other gamers on youtube. I often found that these big time gamers even used hate speech when getting into a game. This was something that I never could understand. Some others in the class explained that the submersion in these games can leave the player forgetting about reality. This makes sense because even players such as Pewdiepie have had to come out and apologize for the speech that had transpired over gaming.

Other students in the class explained that there is not limit on hate speech in gaming. Typically it can only result in a "soft ban" which means shortly they will be able to play and type again. A harder ban is much more difficult to obtain. It takes almost constant reporting about the same type of speech for the system to recognize.

I believe that the problem can only be fixed through the people that make the games. They are the ones that enforce the stereotypes and make it too easy for hate speech to transpire. I mean look at club penguin. They don't let you say anything on there so just take a lesson from the masterminds behind that game.

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