I thought it appropriate that my first post be about modeling. Since that is something that molds and defines a lot of my lifestyle. Especially as of late!

I got into modeling about a year ago. But I tell people that it was something that I fell into. My friend Kristianna had been modeling for some time and doing a damn good job at it. Then she decided that she wanted to pick up the camera for herself. She gathered all of her friends together and asked if we would be interested in doing photoshoots with her to kickstart her portfolio.

I happened to be one of those people. I remember being really excited to get the pictures back so I could post them on my Instagram for my 700 hundred something followers to see. Which mainly consisted of school and work friends. Kristianna and I ended up working together for several hours that day and pulled off a lot of different looks. Once I got the pictures back I posted them as I had planned. Within hours of posting I had another local photographer interested in taking pictures of me. And that's how the story goes!

Prior to all this I had been told to consider modeling. I always brushed the people off because I was 5'2 after all! With no chance of growing any taller. In my mind modeling had always been about the girls that were 5'9+ and super skinny. I did not quite fit that image. So I didn't do anything about it for a really long time. I remember growing envious of girls that did take the risk and seeing how well it paid off for them. Which ultimately pushed me to go out and do the same.

No reason to be jealous when the option is out there for you as well. I learned there was plenty of room at the table for me.
Now I model for everyone. Or at least it feels that way! I've worked with so many photographers I have lost count. In the past few months I have begun working for clients as well. My favorites are the fashion related ones. I've worked for three fashion companies and that number is still growing.

My favorite being for a woman named Rosana. She travels the world and has built a fashion line centered around pieces from her travels. Her clothing line was absolutely incredible. I felt like a queen in every single one of the outfits she put together. She had also assembled a stellar team of stylists which included a hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer, photography assistant and many more who made it all possible. Also, I now have my own rates available. Meaning that I get paid for my time modeling. This helps in assuring that I have the gas, makeup, clothes and other items needed in order for a successful shoot.

I am coming up on the one year anniversary of modeling and all I can say is I'm not tired yet! They're are going to be more looks coming. So stay tuned!

Work can be viewed on Instagram at (chey_dawn_)

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