What does TV say about Gender...

From a young age I can recall seeing women and men stereotyped on television. In a lot of the movies I remember woman were always the princesses. They were considered beautiful but also weak and needed to be protected. Men were always the protectors.

Coming to the rescue at just the right time. I also recall female movies being geared towards being attractive and pretty. While the boy movies focused on adventure. (This can also be seen in children's toys) It definitely shaped my view of society at a young age. It took a lot of time later to reconstruct those ideas and find new ones.

A lot of the movies focused on reinforcing stereotypes within the home as well. In class we discussed the movie Twilight and its specific framework. It contains a lot of white, male, and religious themes that can't be ignored. All the characters presented in Twilight are white.

The vampires are praised on being pale and intelligent. While the werewolves are seen as much less so and are made up of indiginous people. Next, Bella's whole life revolves around the men in her life. Including all her decisions. She has an extreme lack of female role models or even female friendships. Lastly, there are quite a bit of religious themes. Mainly when it talks about Bella's virginity before marriage.

I remember being able to relate to this movie as a young teenager. I was raised in a very white and religious way and it was reflective of what the movie presented. I know now that this is not an accurate representation of life. In fact it is a very narrow view of life. It is very interesting to me that such a narrow view can be so reflective of the majority mindset of the time.

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