What I learned from Project 2

Initially I was extremely confused of what was even expected for this project. Thankfully after seeing the example though I knew I was on the right track. It seemed very daunting because I wanted to analyze a local newspaper such as the NT Daily. I was worried that they would be too diverse and that my findings would come up short of nothing. I really did not think there would be any big gaps in UNT's reporting since they are so proud of their diversity.

After counting and doing the math though I realized that there were some gaps to fill. The amount of white people that were featured in pictures greatly outweighed the amount of any minority race featured.  The number of minorities seen was nearly half as low as caucasians.

I did background research as well that shows UNT's campus to make up 52% minority race and 48% caucasian. Therefore the numbers should be more equal than they actually were.

The amount of women vs men ended up being even once looking at the totals graph. However, throughout the week was more spotty and there were a lot of instances were men were featured way more than woman.

Of course I had to take into account that I had only researched three weeks worth of content and that there is so much more to be seen. I still believe NT Daily is a diverse news outlet. But it goes to show that every news outlet has room to improve still.

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