Lion King Hierarchy

When I saw this was going to be the last thing we learned in this class I wanted to get a jump on it. Immediately I was almost offended. Like how could this beloved movie from my childhood possibly have racist tones! It is about animals! Not race!

But once I did some research and reading I saw what they meant. The racism in the Lion King can be seen clearly through the Scar's hyenas. They are considered the lower level of the hierarchy because they are slaves to Scar. They did whatever he wished as long as they were fed.

Now, the interesting thing was how they made the hyenas talk. They made them talk as if they were form other countries. With heavy accents that did not quite relate to all the other characters.
The other characters were given American or British accents. While the hyenas had accents from Brazil and Africa.

This racism is so deeply routed into our system that to the untrained eye can be hard to pick up on. But this is why racism is still so prevalent today. We were basically raised on the racist concepts that exist in many forms today. This pushes for the importance of movies that do not contain racist messages. Even subliminal ones. We need movies that reflect where we want to be as a society. Not how we used to be.

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