Accepting Change

When I think about the changes taking place in my life, cute isn't exactly the word that comes to mind. I can at least say that this time around, all of them are good and will continue to be in the long run. I just couldn't say I was ready for any of it, but are we ever?
Picture this: life is like running a marathon. You know the course. You know what pace to keep. Resources are within reach. People are all around you. Some running with you and some cheering. All is well until a pack of wild dogs break loose into the race. They run right into you taking out your legs from underneath your body. That breathing pattern you worked so hard for is shot. As you lay on your backside contemplating why you even got out of bed to run anyway, the throbbing in your head is finally subsiding. Just a few more minutes in lala land and then you are on your feet again to resume as everyone else. Maybe after a quick trip to nearest triage but you decide to carry on anyhow.

The scenario is just like the kind of change you don't see coming. You are forced to deal with it. You may get a few bumps and bruises along the way but you eventually learn how to navigate real-life. No one ever said it would be easy and if they did, they lied. I don't know about you, but the older I get, the less I expect perfection from myself. Don't get me wrong, I still have about 7 calendars, 3 journals, 10 productivity apps that I may or may not use all at once (that's my business 😏), but I have learned to allow myself the right to adjust to situations I have no control over. I eventually shift my thinking so that I am not defeated by it.

Accepting change can be difficult at first. I was waiting in line to clock out for the day. One of my colleagues mentioned working in the same field as long as she can is ideal because she admittedly does not like change. I admired her for the honesty. Most of us subconsciously think what she said out loud but rarely do we ever get that honest with ourselves.

Here are a few tips I use for myself to process change:

1. Acknowledge the fear of uncertainty in the changes that come.

2. Don't allow your emotions to win! Process them accordingly because it is healthy, but do not let them rule you.

3. Seek to understand. You may not be the only one feeling as you do.

4. BREATH. REPEAT. When I get really wound up, my brain gets foggy. Find a peaceful comfy place to sit and take a few minutes. This will slow your heart rate to normal.

5. Set new goals (short-term to get you to the long-term).

6. Don't lose heart. Remain hopeful!

I would love to hear how you adjust to changes in your life. Comment them below or email me so I can share them.

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