Life Changing Secrets of Happy People

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Have I mentioned how much I like coffee? Well, I kind of love it. Y'all... it is so good! Coffee is not just good. It is great because it has been a conversation starter in most of the meaningful conversations I remember having through the years.

I enjoy listening to people talk about what they love about life. To sit across from someone you know or someone you are getting to know can be the most interesting experience. I tend to look for smile lines on people's faces. When we talk about family, friends, and even a passion, I tend to see those lines more often. Here are some common attributes for a lot of the happy people I've encountered:

They never fail to say what they are thankful for. It does not matter how big or small it is, ALL will know! They also like to know what you appreciate in your life and they celebrate with you. These people remind me of what life is truly about. #lovefirst

These people are encouragers. They are more interested in seeing the good in life. They tend to make your day brighter with a smile, hug, and kind words. They like to make people laugh too. You find yourself enjoying life a little more because you have spent time around them. These kind of people are gold.

They are not interested in making their lives a copy of anyone else's. These people are usually bold. They are not afraid to take a risk. They humbly embrace imperfection because they recognize their humanity and they are not afraid of it. They know that within their imperfection lies an unshakeable strength. We need these people!

Memory Makers
They are always up for capturing the moment to reminisce about it later. These are the people that will snap a photo and post it just because they want to remember how hard you both laughed at a joke. They will share it to your timeline and laugh again later because it was a memory made with you! They value their people!

We could all use a little more joy in life. Sometimes we get bogged down with getting it all right that we forget to stop and smell the bluebonnets (Texas, Y'all😉). Consider these things the next time you have a conversation. Look for the gold in others and you will find it. 

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