Slacking Lately? Here are Some Simple Ways to Get Back on Track!

I cannot believe 2018 is halfway gone! My schedule has been a rollercoaster in terms of productiveness and relaxation. I either sleep in when I can or I struggle to make it out of bed when I need to be somewhere.

I have tried multiple remedies to help with this such as putting my phone alarm in the next room to avoid getting back in bed, buying a separate alarm, jolting my entire body out of bed and leaving the room as soon as I hear it. All those tips have helped once or twice, but not enough. So I have created my own routine which helps me to not be such a groggy grinch!

Start the night before.
Research has proven a minimum of eight hours of sleep is needed for adults each night to be effective the next day. I don't know about y'all but I can really sleep. Eight hours is a starting point for me. (I am a sleeping champion!) Anything less and I am at risk of being late. I didn't really take this seriously until I began to see my consequences such as being late to work, meeting friends, etc. It isn't fun missing out so get some sleep!

Prepare the necessities.
What are you going to wear? Do you need to prep food for tomorrow? Does it take you an hour to put on your make up? Take these questions into consideration before you go to bed. If you are like me, making it into the shower is an accomplishment before jumping into bed. Don't cheat yourself, take 20 minutes and prepare these things so you can avoid delay.

Find your inspiration.
One of the things I have discovered about myself is if I am not inspired or motivated to do something, the contents of my schedule do not become priority. My brain will recognize that a social life and work are necessary, but my actions are extremely sluggish as a result. I like to think of myself as a faithful person so disappointment feels like a slap on the wrist for such behavior. 

In order to fix it, here are a few things that help me get my groove back (in no particular order):

1. Wake up a few minutes early for ME time and coffee (or tea).

2. Journal a few reasons as to why what you plan to do is important to you.

3. Create a theme for your day by playing a song that gets you energized.

4. Create a short non-negotiable to-do list as in, if YOU don't get it done, it won't get done. 

Plan your fun too.
When I have the mindset of "I have to", it is difficult to truly live well. Life can take turns at any time with little to no warning. If you have a demanding schedule of "have to's" and you find that it isn't fulfilling, take inventory of those things. What can you adjust or cut out to make time for enjoyment? Gradually make the changes you need to. Plan day trip, visit the ice cream shop, get a pedi, plan a beach trip with your loved ones, etc. Do it for you. We only get one life here. Make it count!

What are some ways that help you to get back on track? Comment below!

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