Welcome to your first class in Modeling 101.  In this blog post I want to explore topics related to how to start modeling. While also being able to give some advice for new and upcoming models in the industry.

Modeling is becoming more attainable than ever before and I really believe that. When people around me find out I model they often come to me with a lot of questions that tell me just how much the industry is stereotyped. Some of these include, "Oh I wish I could model but I am 5+  pounds overweight" or "I do not look like a model."

Sometimes these statements confuse me. Like what do you mean you don't look like a model? What does a model look like? Because I know certainly that by all traditional standards I don't necessarily look like a model either. Now what makes me a model is my massive portfolio or continuous hard work in the industry and on social media. But then doesn't that mean that anyone could model? Well, yeah basically. So my first piece of advice is to drop the stigma. Being a model can mean a lot of different things and if there is one important thing I've learned is that everyone has their place at the table.

That leads me to my next point. Find your niche. There are different kinds of models. Ranging from commercial, runway,  print, fashion, petite, plus size, swimsuit, glamour, nude and many more. So tell me, are you still thinking that there could not be something for you?
I think a lot of people loop all models into runway. Which in the past have been criticized for their rigid rules and regulations on the models who can enter. Also it is 2018 and lot of runways are changing too.

Next, you will need to start you portfolio. This can be done in a number of ways. To list a few, you can attend photography meet ups and build a portfolio from several meet ups. While also meeting and connecting with the creative scene in your area.
 You could also find a photographer in your area that you really like and ask about their rates. That way you know for sure you will get your pictures back and they will be exactly in the style you want.
Lastly, there are many photographers and models that team up and host sessions. Where they teach you the ins and outs of the industry while also building you a portfolio in the style you wish. Those are extremely beneficial.
So as you can see there are many ways to get started. A lot of it is finding the courage within yourself to really put yourself out there. Everyone has insecurities. (even the models) It is not about that. It is about how boldly you can place yourself out there in front of everyone despite of them.

Good luck!! More posts on these topics soon!!

Cheyenne (enjoy this old picture of me from one of my first shoots by Trang Nguyen)

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