Wardrobe Essentials - Ladies Wardrobe Essentials Checklist

Here we are on matters concerning Fashion and being Fashionable. This post will take a quick check on the essential things ladies need in their wardrobe.

Wardrobe Essentials - Ladies Wardrobe Essentials ChecklistWardrobe Essentials are the relevant items you have in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe 'should have' and 'must have' would include:
Casual and Dressy Tops: Casual tops are a part of your wardrobe core foundation. You need them for layering (eg. underneath a see-through shirt or a low-neck sweater, with a cardigan or with jeans alone), each of this pieces should be 100% cotton that way they are much more suitable and comfortable. Examples are camisoles, tank tops, tees, etc.  A dressy top is ultimate and a necessity for a lady, they're fabulous for dressing up but are mostly essential add on to your workwear closet like pencil skirts and dress pants.

Jeans:  Denim jeans go with everything and anything. Discover a brand of denim that you love and then get different styles, basic washes, and suitable colors (dark blue and black). Also get one pair of trendy denim styles like boyfriend jeans, pencil jeans, and ripped jeans.

Classic Dress: A classy dress is essential because you never know what event would come up. The little black dress is the expert choice although your classy dress doesn’t essentially have to be black. other classy dress includes cocktail gowns, evening long gowns, party dress, etc.

Hand Bag: You need a quality handbag made from a strong fabric that would hold everything that needs to go into your bag. also compartments work a lot that way your bag is more organized. A shoulder bag is necessary for simple and casual outings.

Shoes: Shoes are essential, get pairs in basic colors first as they tend to go with everything. Pumps are also essential at least two pairs should do the trick, you might also consider wedge as they are pretty comfortable. sandals and slippers are also necessary for casuals and it gives freedom to your feet.

Skirts: Wow! my love for skirts can never be overestimated. Especially those basic skirts most of us find boring. It's a lot about mixing and expressing various sides of your personal style. And skirts are perfect for exactly that - creating a super-chic and feminine look! secure them in different styles and colors and pair them with dressy and casual tops, then, you are good to go!

Jackets and Coats: These are essential for office work, casuals and it gives a cool and pretty look. Blazers, denim jacket, leather jacket, etc.  

Under-Wears and Dress Pants: Underwears should be perfectly fitted, not too tight or too loose and it should be rightly selected for every outfit. At least two pairs of pants will go a long way.

Cardigans and Sweaters: These are worn to warm the body. The fabric should be suitable for the climate and weather condition you live in.

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