Fashion - All About Skirts

Fashion - All About SkirtsA Skirt is a one-piece garment that is very essential in every woman’s wardrobe

It is sewn into different styles with different length to suit the body type, event, and occasion. 

It gives a feminine, classy, decent and stylish look on the wearer depending on the style and length. It is very important to know the name of what you wear and this article will help you.  
Skirts Lengths 
The length of different styles of skirts depends on the taste and desire of the wearer. it ranges from micro mini - floor length.

Micro mini – These are skirts that end 1 inch below your bottom. Sometimes it can barely cover your bottom.

Mini -  This skirt length is a little bit longer than the micro mini. It stops at the thigh of a person. It is an informal outfit.

Above knee length

Knee length

Cocktail length ( Street length) - This length ends at the mid-calf. It is a formal outfit for different occasions.

Midi – They are slightly longer than cocktail length. This skirt length is somewhere below the knee but above the ankle.

Long or maxi skirt – The length of this skirt ends at the ankle.

Formal evening or full-length skirt - This length is slightly below the ankle but above the floor.

Floor length - This length hits the floor.

Skirt Styles
A-line Skirt 
A-line skirts fit around the waist with a slight flare down the hem. They are of different sizes and quite stunning. They are worn for all kinds of occasions.
Pencil Skirt
A pencil skirt is usually at knee length, stylish and very classy. It is straight and slim-fitting.  Depending on the fabric, it can be worn formally and informally.
Ballet Skirt
It is very short and comes in different colors.
Pleated Skirt
This type of skirt has vertical pleats arranged around the waist down to the hem.
Broomstick Skirt

Wrap Skirt
A wrap skirt is wrapped around the waist and ties on one side or fastened with buttons or belts. 

Flare Skirt
A flare skirt is similar to an A-line skirt but it is mostly knee-length and flared from the waist down to the hem.

Long Skirt
Long skirts, just like maxi skirts, run till your ankles. However, they are not narrow or straight-cut like maxis. They are just long and come in all kinds of patterns and fabrics.
High-waist Skirt
High-waist, unlike other skirts, the waistband sits above your belly button and that little detail makes a world of difference to the outfit. A-line, denim, pencil, and mini skirts with a high-waist look outstandingly stylish.
Layer Skirt
It is long and casual with horizontal layers
Tulip Skirt
A skirt can give us the best appearance you so desire for any event or occasion. Do you admire anyone above? then let us know by dropping a comment.

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