Hair Breakage Preventive Tips For You

Your hair is your glory and it plays a vital role in enhancing your look. Wearing natural virgin hair is becoming a trend in the feminine world, but this could be so frustrating when you are experiencing hair breakage i.e short hair strands, loss of front hair (rat-chop), dry scalp, etc.

Hair Breakage Preventive Tips

Hair breakage is caused by lack of moisture, washing of hair with hard water, heat styling and blow drying of hair, hair coloring, tying up your hair too tight, and sometimes a medical condition.

Hair Breakage Preventive Tips

Are you tired of experiencing hair breakage? Then, a little care and efforts are needed to adhere to these simple ways of preventing hair breakage.

Hair Breakage Preventive Tips

Ways to Prevent Hair Breakage

Do not comb your hair when it is wet. at this point, your hair is fragile and can easily break.
Protective hairstyles like wearing a weave, braids or wig help reduce combing, but should not be worn for more than three weeks.

Trim your hair regularly.

Do not change your hair color (dying) often. you may be shocked to know that it is one of the reasons for your hair breakage. Hair color, especially on chemically treated hair make it over processed and this is why breakage sets in.

Do not wash your hair daily as it may damage it and make it dry. when you want to wash it, apply hair shampoo and wash off at least three times with a lot of water to remove dirt.

Use a hydrating conditioner to keep your hair well moisturized.

Combing the hair from roots to tip causes hair breakage. Comb the tips to loosen the tangle before combing from the roots.

Avoid blow drying and flat thonging your hair every day.

Massage your hair and scalp with a good oil every now and then

The tip of the hair is the oldest part of your hair so it needs more nourishment than the roots and mid-strands. The oldest because there was a time the tip was the root. So, the right procedure in applying your conditioner is from tip to the roots. The only time to avoid the tip of the hair is when applying relaxer. Applying relaxer to the tip of the hair will make it chemically over processed and breakage sets in.

Do not tie or wrap your hair too tight.

Moisturize your hair always with good oils like coconut oil, essential oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and other good products.

Eat a healthy diet that consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and lots of fluids.

This will give a healthy and beautiful hair and also save you from further hair breakage.

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