Keep Your Suede Bags Clean and Shining With These Simple Tips

Keep Your Suede Bags Clean and Shining With These Simple Tips: Bags are essential in complementing an outfit. They come in different sizes, designs, and pattern made from different fabrics and materials. Different designers like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.
Suede Bags
Suede bags are simply unique and beautiful but the most annoying part is when it's dirty. It will be very embarrassing to rock a soiled bag with an amazing outfit

Here, we have some simple tips to help keep your designers suede bag clean and shining always. There are: 

1. Make use of a dry cloth
Use a clean dry cloth and gently rub your bag to remove surface marks. Don’t press too hard so as to make sure not to ruin the texture of the suede. Avoid using any color as the water will discolor the suede. 

2. Get a Specialty Brush to Remove Dirt 
Use a specialty brush to clear dust from your bag and retain it's fine appearance. Brush the suede in one single direction to clean away dust and dirt from your purse, or you can use small back and forth motions to help loosen up specific stains.

3. Use an Eraser to Remove Stains 
Stains are a suede bag’s worst nightmare, however, it doesn’t have to be the end of your beloved bag. Try using a soft pencil eraser and literally erase away the stain. Afterward, when the stain is gone, try the first tip. Make sure the eraser is clean and hasn’t been used before.
Suede Bags

4. Freeze Your Bag 
Sure, when you get gum or wax stuck to your suede, you can still remove it by freezing. This will harden the wax or gum and then you can pull it off or chip it off in pieces using your fingers without ruining the material.

5. Condition It Up
After you’ve cleaned your suede bag, it’s often a good idea to condition it. Using a specialty suede conditioner, add a little onto a buffing cloth and rub it gently into the bag with short, steady strokes. Don’t forget to do the seams and corners.

6. Apply Vinegar or Rubbing Alcohol to a Clean Cloth
Vinegar and rubbing alcohols are safe to use on suede, as they can help brighten the material after it has gotten dingy or dirty over time. Pour a small amount onto a clean cloth, just enough to make the cloth damp, and then proceed to rub the suede with the cloth to clean it. You may need to do several applications depending on how dirty the cloth has become. Let the suede dry completely after using vinegar or rubbing alcohol.

7. Clean Your Bag Regularly 
Clean your bag regularly and if possible give it a professional spa treatment once a year. 

Follow up the following procedures and keep your bag in its pristine form.

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