Marketplace on Facebook – How To Access Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace on Facebook – How To Access Facebook Marketplace: What do you know about the Marketplace on Facebook?

It is a shop on the Facebook platform for businesses. 

Marketplace on Facebook is a convenient and easy way in which individuals on the Facebook platform can buy and sell items or stuffs locally without leaving Facebook. 
Marketplace on Facebook – How To Access Facebook Marketplace
On the marketplace app, you can find great listings or search for the items you want near you. You can list out your own stuff or items for sale and be able to find great deals directly within Facebook. 

The Facebook marketplace is not a Standalone app on it won like the Facebook Messenger app, the marketplace is inbuilt on Facebook, and therefore you are not required to download or set up an account to use the marketplace. 

With the marketplace, you can reach to thousands of individuals around your or your locality. The marketplace is compatible with any device including the Android and IOS devices. It can be used on your desktops and laptops too. 

You can find stuff like clothes, TVs, real estates and cars to purchase on the app. Both new and old stuff is being sold on the marketplace app.

Buying and selling on the marketplace is very simple and you get to connect with other marketers to be able to see the items in full before making a purchase. 
Where can I find the Marketplace on Facebook? 
The Marketplace on Facebook is not yet made worldwide just in 50 countries for now but the team is working hard on making it worldwide. 

To use the marketplace app you must be 18 years and older and it can only be used on old Facebook accounts. 

These are the places the marketplace is available for now; 
> Argentina. 
> Australia. 
> Austria. 
> Belgium. 
> Belize. 
> Bulgaria. 
> Canada. 
> Chile. 
> Costa Rica. 
> Croatia. 
> Cyprus. 
> The Czech Republic. 
> Denmark. 
> Ecuador. 
> Estonia. 
> The Dominican Republic. 
> Finland. 
> France. 
> Germany. 
> Greece. 
> Hungary. 
> India. 
> Ireland.
> Italy. 
> Latvia. 
> Lithuania. 
> Luxembourg. 
> Malta. 
> Mexico. 
> The Netherlands. 
> New Zealand. 
> Norway. 
> Panama. 
> Paraguay. 
> Peru. 
> The Philippines. 
> Poland. 
> Portugal. 
> Puerto Rico. 
> Romania. 
> Singapore. 
> Slovenia. 
> South Africa. 
> Spain. 
> Sweden. 
> Switzerland. 
> Thailand. 
> The United Kingdom. 
> The United States. 
> Uruguay. 

These are the places the Marketplace on Facebook is available for now.
How can use the Marketplace? 
To be able to use the marketplace app, you must be 18 years and older in the locations that it’s available to.

To access the marketplace you need to have an old Facebook account because you can use it in your old accounts.

If you have, you can follow the instructions below to sign in to your account;
 > Launch the Facebook apk or access your browser and go to
> Input your login details (phone number or email address and password).
> Click on log in.

The account will be loaded on the account if the details are verified to be right.
How can I get Facebook Marketplace icon? 
Getting the Facebook marketplace icon is very simple; you can get the icon your Android and IOS device.

It can be found your desktop and laptop Facebook page. To get the Facebook marketplace icon, you would need to update to the latest Facebook version on your device.

Follow the simple guides below;
Update your Facebook. 
A new shop icon will be displayed on the page. The marketplace icon will be at the top of your Facebook page on your Android device and at the bottom of your IOS device.

If you are using a web browser, you can find the Marketplace icon at the left side of the page. You can tap on the shop icon to load the Facebook Marketplace icon.

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