Steps On How To Unfollow A Facebook Friend Easily

Steps On How To Unfollow A Facebook Friend Easily: Getting enough facebook friends is fun but when you choked with unnecessary news feed from them, it becomes a challenge and there is need to unfollow such friends. 

Unfollowing a facebook friend is as easy as following them. 

Steps on how to unfollow a facebook friend easily:

1. Search for their names

2. Click on their name to open their timeline;

2. Click on the follow button and select unfollow.
Unfollow friend

If I unfollow a friend on Facebook, will they get notified if I follow them again? 
The answer is Yes. If you follow someone you’ve previously unfollowed they will get a notification in the same way, as if you’d followed them for the first time.

So you've got to be wise on how to deal with such without any offense.

How do I unfollow a Facebook page I don't want to follow again?
You can equally unfollow a page you don't want to follow again by using the steps list above. Click open the page timeline, click on the following button and select unfollow.
unfollow friend

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